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Nata Levitasova born in 1996 in Kyiv, in a creative family. Graduated from T.G. Shevchenko State Art High School, Faculty of Painting, 2014; Ukrainian academy of printing, 2018.


Artist reveals the theme of industrialization, the displacement of nature by cities, human loneliness in the modern world. The style of painting tends to neocubism, geometric simplification.

Since 2014, the artist has been participating in group exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Her works are held in the collection of the Khmelnytsky museumof art, gallery Artsvit (Dnipro), Lysenko Gallery (London) and in private collections in Ukraine, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Lithuania, Finland, USA and others.




2023 «Home», Les Abattoirs, Musée - Frac Occitanie Toulouse, France

2022 Personal exhibition «Painted», PM gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2022 Personal exhibition «PAINted»,Na poshti gallery, Ternopil, Ukraine


2023 "How are you?", National centre "Ukrainian House". Kyiv, Ukraine

2022 «Half», Imagine Point, Kyiv, Ukraine

2022 «Like in the cinema», Artsvit gallery, Dnipro, Ukraine

2022 «Brave», Uart gallery, Houston, USA

2022 «Arte Ukraina», Vicenza, Italy
2022 «Muses are not silent», Yagallery, Lviv, Uk
2022 «The art of peace», Uart gallery, Houston, USA

2022 «War is not peace», gallery «Espace29», Bordo, France
2022 Affordable art fair by Lysenko gallery, London, United Kingdom

2021 Affordable art fair by Lysenko gallery, New York, USA
2021 Khmelnytsky Regional Art Museum, «Molodi», Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

2020 Book Museum, «Watercolor album», Kyiv, Ukraine
2019 Kavalieridze Museum,»Druzi», Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 Embassy of Latvia, «Ivana Kupala», Kiev, Ukraine
2014 Gallery «Lidice», Lidice, Czech Republic

fashion collaborations.

"Zitkani" – silk scarves with paintings by famous artists brand. 


First prize in the contest "Lidice", Czech Republic, 2014

Second prize at the Biennale "Watercolor album", Ukraine, 2020




artist statement.

What grabs my attention in environment the most? How do I see nature? Can I still feel it? How architecture influences on my perception of nature? How seriously do I take environmental issues?


The main idea of my works is to explore the influence of urbanism and industrialism on myself. To show, plunging into self-reflection, how my understanding of the world, my view of it and perception are changing.


My industrial series depict objects as toys, small from an aerial view. An infantile attitude to the issues of nature conservation, avoidance of the bitter truth pass through my work like a red line, imprinted with bright geometric construction sites, machinery, factories.

“Bones”, 2022, canvas, oil, 100x80 cm.jpg
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