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Phoenix series

Oil on canvas

100x80 cm 


This painting depicts a powerful symbol of renewal and hope. The artist has dedicated this series to the mystic bird phoenix, as a powerful metaphor for the resilience of Ukraine cities in times of war. Each painting in the series features a unique letter from the future, providing a powerful visual reminder of the hope of a better tomorrow. Nata Levitasova's fascination with architecture as a reflection of society and humanity is evident in every painting within this series, each one named after a part of the human body, even though no human form appears in the artwork. 



SKU: 000003

    Terms & Conditions
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    • The painting is sent not rolled – this is the artist's position, to preserve the condition of the picture, it can`t be changed. 

    • In addition, you will receive a gift: a cover for a picture (according to the size of the picture).

    • The following documents are attached to the shipment: an expertise, a certificate of authenticity and an Act of acceptance-transfer of property.

    • !! If your country has special shipping conditions for paintings, please notify us before shipping.

    • Preparation for shipment usually takes up to 7 days (in case of shipment delay, we will notify you). 

    • If the purchase is more than 1000, the delivery is free. 

    • Delivery is carried out according to the terms of international delivery of UkrPoshta. It usually takes about a month.

    • At your request, we can change the delivery service.

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